Rogue Life Brands

"Overthrow The Status Quo"


Our Company’s Success is Your Business’ Success!

Achieve your entrepreneurial goals by effectively marketing your products and services. At Rogue Life Brands, we seek to assist you by taking your business ventures to even greater heights!

Rogue Life Brands & it’s parent company Rogue Properties were conceived in 2016 and formalized in January of 2017. The focus has always been to provide comprehensive management services for all types of property whether they be physical, intellectual, or artistic in nature. Since then Rogue Life Brands & Rogue Properties have catered primarily to Oregon based startups and assisted them is managing & maintaining operations related functions such as payroll & human resources as well as branding, marketing, logistics, & strategic growth planning. Today Rogue Life Brands seeks to market itself by marketing you, our success and continued growth depends completely on our ability to make you successful. 

We specialize is assisting both start-ups & existing businesses with managing and maintaining 

some of their vital operations related functions, such as:

    • Payroll
    • Human Resources
    • Branding
    • Marketing
    • Logistics
    • Strategic Growth Planning

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple, “Overthrow The Status Quo”. What this means is that we are tired of the conventional approach taken to helping companies grow. We want to create an ongoing relationship with your company where you grow and as a result we grow and we continue to work together. We want to help you define and refine your brand by adding components, resources, and perspective that may have been previously overlooked by you and/or your team. In short, we want to brainstorm with you and then help you implement the ideas that you find most appealing.  

Meet Nick DeAngelis

Company Founder and CEO

Nick was born & raised just outside of Chicago Illinois in the town of Crest Hill Illinois. Nick started his career working as a Product Engineer for a Detroit automaker before moving on to become a Product Life Cycle Management Specialist with one of the largest Tier 1 global automotive suppliers. 

From there Nick went on to design and sell custom cabinetry in the Chicago market before eventually returning to Retail Management where he had spent time working prior to completing his degree. As a Sales Manager & Store Manager Nick crafted his ability to market, merchandise, & drive the sales of the products & services he represented. 

Nicks comprehensive technical background & organizational prowess combined with his love for art, pop culture, and creative freedom equate to a unique take on how to better a business. 

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